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The Voice Inside

9 April 2024

The Voice Inside

Finally...in John's own words...

Hachette Australia and Talentworks are proud to announce the upcoming publication of The Voice Inside, the long-awaited memoir from Australia's greatest and most beloved music icon, 'The Voice' John Farnham AO.

Written in partnership with Poppy Stockell, the award-winning writer and director of the critically acclaimed Farnham biopic Finding the Voice (2023), The Voice Inside charts Farnham's very personal and public journey, told in his own words and with his inimitable humour, insight, and humility.

John Farnham says: 'Having been asked many times, it finally felt like the right time to sit down and tell my story. It is a very strange feeling looking back on my life, on the good and the bad, and now that I have started, it is all rushing back. I hope the book engages and entertains, because that's what so much of my life has been about.'

Available to pre-order now

The book will be available in all formats

Media Release

Poppy Stockell and Gaynor Wheatley

10 February 2024


John Farnham: Finding The Voice wins Best Documentary

Poppy Stockell, Mikael Borglund, Paul Clarke, Martin Fabinyi, Olivia Hoopmann
Beyond Oz Pty Ltd in assoiation with Blink TV Productions Pty Ltd

Photo: Poppy Stockell and Gaynor Wheatley
© Gaynor Wheatley


15 November 2023


John is the winner of the ARIA for Best Original Soundtrack Or Musical Theatre Cast Album

John Farnham: Finding The Voice (Music from the Feature Documentary)

Various Artists

Wheatley Records / Sony Music

Album Details

Friends For Christmas on vinyl

24 October 2023


35th Anniversary Edition
Red Vinyl LP
Release date: 24 Nov

Album Details

Neil Mitchell

24 August 2023


Gaynor shares a positive update on John during this intervew with Neil Mitchell

Gaynor Wheatley says the disease "really took its toll" on Farnham, and messages from the public "absolutely turned him around ... and made him a fighter".

Listen here

Farnham family

23 August 2023


On this date 12 months ago, John Farnham underwent a 12 hour surgery in Melbourne to remove a cancerous tumour from his mouth along with the re-constructive plastic surgery that followed. Since then John has been in and out of rehabilitation care that included 8 weeks of radiation treatment and supplementary surgical procedures as a result of various complications and issues including infections that presented over the past year.

Last month (July) John was formally given confirmation by his medical team that he is "all clear" of cancer. To mark the one year anniversary of his initial surgery John Farnham has issued the following statement:

"I am the luckiest man I know right now. It's been a year since my first surgery and to be honest I've lost count as to how many other procedures there's been since then. I'm sure someone's kept track of them all - let's just say, there's been a few. But, I'm home now and I'm a very grateful and happy man. I'm sitting here in my living room lapping up the attention from my beautiful wife, Jill, my boys Rob and James and my mini Schnauzer, Edmund. "It's only now that I can start to appreciate and comprehend, for myself, how many messages of love and support have been sent to me over the past year. I don't know what to say, other than thank you so very much. It honestly means the world to me. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write and send a message." "Today is a special day. And I'm going to mark it by having a pizza - because I can! I can't wait to see what might be next on the menu. Bring on 2024.'

The Farnham family want to thank everyone across Australia and the world for the extraordinary amount of generous messages and well wishes that have been received over the past five months and say thank you, again to the remarkable Melbourne medical professionals who have taken such care such good of him.

Age Of Reason vinyl

18 August 2023


To celebrte the 35th Anniversary of Age Of Reason, the album is being released on opaque green vinyl.

Limited Release

Available to pre order now

Release Date: October 20 2023


4 August 2023


Dominating the charts agin..

In this weeks ARIA Australian Album Chart John has four albums in the top 10.

No.1: Greatest Hits
No.2: Finding The Voice:
No.5: Whispering Jack
No.8: One Voice:

Greatest Hits on green vinyl

21 JULY 2023


Out Now!

Following the release of John Farnham: Finding The Voice documentry, the Greatest Hits album re-entered the ARIA charts at No.6 on 29th May 2023. It was also on the iTunes chart for two weeks, the highest position was No.6

Finding The Voice DVD

9 JULY 2023



Since its cinema release on May 18th, the film has become the highest Australian grossing feature length documentary of all time and the fourth in Australia ever.


August 23

MAY 23 2023


Today John Farnham: Finding The Voice broke the record for the highest selling theatrical release of an Australian music documentary. Its box office figures from Mothers Day previews and its opening weekend, now exceed $1.15 million. The filmmakers said they were thrilled with the results, with writer and director Poppy Stockell, noting that with Farnham breaking so many local music records throughout his storied career, it’s only fitting that the film does too. The film opened in cinemas nationally on May 18 and has wowed audiences and critics alike.

Finding The Voice CD

19 MAY 2023


Released today

Finding The Voice: Music From The Feature Documentary not only features rare and live tracks from across John Farnham's extensive catalogue, it includes music from artists and bands that had a profound impact on his career. The album also features opening and closing compositions from acclaimed music director/producer and long-time Farnham band member David Hirschfelder.

Available in store and digital download

Purchase your copy here

Finding The Voice DVD

11 APRIL 2023


In this first authorised biopic, we follow Farnham's life from the quiet suburbs of Melbourne to 60's pop fame, through incredible highs and lows, and ultimately to record-breaking success as Australia's Voice.

John Farnham was 38 years old when Whispering Jack was released. Nobody ever questioned that John Farnham could sing but the challenge to find his artistic voice and become Australia's most trusted and beloved performer took half a lifetime.

Whispering Jack is still the highest selling Australian album of all time, and this powerful documentary tracks the personal and public journey that has made Farnham Australia's greatest and most beloved musical artist.

Watch the trailer here

The soundtrack from the documentary is available to pre order now

Purchase your copy here

Christmas Tree

23 DECEMBER 2022


John continues along the road to recovery.
Doing well but the turkey will be pureed this year.

He wants to thank you all for the messages and love sent his way.
It has made all the difference knowing he is in your thoughts.

Farnham family

23 August 2022


The Farnham family, wife Jill and sons Robert and James have confirmed the sad news of John's cancer diagnosis in a statement: We have recently discovered that John has a cancerous growth. He has been admitted to hospital this morning for surgery and ongoing treatment.” John also released a statement through a PR Agency: “Cancer diagnosis is something that so many people face every single day, and countless others have walked this path before me.” “The one thing I know for sure is that we have the very best specialist healthcare professionals in Victoria, and we can all be grateful for that. I know I am.”

We know everyone will join us in sending John love and support.


Statement from the Farnham family on John's health by Jill, Rob and James. John's surgery began at 8.00am this morning and was successfully completed at 7.30pm tonight. He has now been transferred to ICU and is in a stable condition


Jill: We are genuinely overwhelmed by the incredible wave of support, love and messages we have received today from so many people around Australia. This means so much to us as a family. Thank you to everyone for this. John will be blown away.

Jill, Rob and James: We are in awe of the incredible teams of health care professionals who have guided us through this very challenging time with such compassion. All of you undertook this big job today and have given us a magnificent outcome. To all the surgeons, doctors, nurses and consultants - thank you one and all so very much.

John will remain in hospital for a period of time for recovery and post operative treatment.

John and Glenn



We are devasted to share the news that the great Glenn Wheatley has died.

He believed in John and was his biggest champion. His passion for John's music was never ending and without Glenn, John would probably not have reached the heights he has. In what has almost become folklore, Glenn mortgaged his home to make the album, Whispering Jack.

Glenn's passion for what he did was never ending. He was an ideas man, full of life. Whenever he was knocked down, he dusted himself off and got on with life and reached new heights

His family was so important to him, he was a husband, father and grandfather. They were so dear to him and he was so proud of them all. He always spoke so lovingly about his family.

Glenn was a warm, passionate, generous and considerate man, intoxicated by life and we will miss him dearly.

If you would like to hear more about Glenn's life, see the links below:

Australian Music Vault
Triple M Interview
Interview with Lee Rogers
A Personal Video Tribute by Adam Stolfo

Glenn Wheatley



Tim and Glenn intended to release the EP Shiny Tacoma together on a revived Wheatley Records

Glenn passed four days short of the release date, turning It's Because I Love You into an unintentional tribute..

It's Because I Love You