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John has appeared on TV thousands of times, but not just to be interviewed, he has starred in and hosted many shows. On April 15th, 1969 the first ever 'Johnny Farnham TV Special' was screened. It was a one hour show dedicated to John as King of Pop. He has also appeared on musical shows such as 'Uptight', 'Happening '70 and '71', 'GTK' and 'Countdown'. John was the last person to sing on 'Countdown' when he sang 'You're The Voice' at the closing of the 1988 Countdown awards.

John appeared in the 1972 short film, Caravan Hoilday with the Young Talent Time team. In 1973 there was a special called 'Ted Hamilton and Johnny Farnham Together Again For The Very First Time'. It was a variety show where John was special guest a

John made a guest appearance in 'Last Of The Australians' as a vacuum cleaner salesman. The episode was titled 'Ashes To Ashes' and aired on 7th October 1975.

A critically acclaimed comedy series featuring John Farnham and Gordon Chater, Me And Mr. Thorne was created by Crawford Productions in 1975. The pilot episode was excellent, but the seven network never proceeded with the series.

Bobby Dazzler was a situational comedy which was televised on the seven network 1977 - 1978. John played the part of 'Bobby Farrell', an upcoming pop star who was in conflict with his father, played by Maurie Fields. It was a thirteen part, half hour series, plus a pilot episode.

John hosted a talent show called 'Opportunity Knocks', but found it hard to interview the stars that appeared due to his lack of experience at the time.

In the episode of 'Division 4' called 'Once Upon a Time', John played the part of a bank robber. It screened in September 1975 on Channel 9.

John has also made an appearance playing himself in the soap opera 'Home and Away' in episodes 186 and 187 which aired in 1988.

In 1978 John narrated a wild life series for the ABC called 'Survival'. He appeared briefly in the first episode talking about the content of the forthcoming series. Other shows include 'Revolution', a 10 minute rock show that John hosted which screened four nights a week and 'Farnham and Byrne' which co-starred Debra Byrne, another variety show which had it's premiere on August 19th, 1980 on the ABC

In 1992 Channel 10 had a special on John's 25 year involvement in the music industry, showing some great rare footage and showcasing his past achievements.

John has appeared in numerous commercials over the years including 'TAA, Kodak, Fanta, Cooca-Cola, Edgell, F'ive of the Best, Norgen Vaaz Icecream, Ford, Sunblest, Good Time Aussie Holidays, BP, Rundle Mall in Adelaide, Uber Eats and Telstra (with Manager and friend, Glenn Wheatley).

ABRA CADABRA' (1981) is an animated rock pantomine based on the Pied Piper legend with familiar children's songs, but with different lyrics.
John is the voice of Abra Cadabra

The film 'BULLAMAKANKA' was produced in 1983 and John played the part of a Police Officer.


  • 1969 - Johnny Farnham - ABC
  • 1973 - Ted Hamilton & Johnny Farnham Together Again For The Very First Time
  • 1979 - Lionel Yorke and Friends STW9 Perth
  • 1992 - John Farnham 25th Anniversary Special - Channel 10
  • 1994 - Concert For Rwanda - Channel 9
  • 1994 - Farm Hand - The benefit Raised more than AUD$3 million - Channel 9
  • 1996 - Jack Of Hearts - Melbourne Park - Channel 7
  • 1996 - Time In Paradise - (Romeo's Heart) - Far Nth Queensland - Channel 7
  • 1998 - The Main Event - Melbourne Park - Channel 7
  • 1999 - 50th Birthday Concert - Regent Theatre - July 1st - Channel 9
  • 1999 - Tour Of Duty - concert for the INTERFET troops in East Timor, Dili - Channels 7 & 9
  • 2000 - Man Of The Hour - Melbourne Park - Channel 9
  • 2003 - The Last Time Concert - Rod Laver Arena - Channel 7
  • 2006 - I Remember When I Was Young (Opera House) - Channel 9
  • 2015 - Two Strong Hearts
  • 2020 - Fire Fight Australia
  • 2023 - John Farnham: Finding The Voice - Channel 7

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