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Breakthrough/Rainbow Warriors

Breakthrough cover
Rainbow Warriors cover


  • You're The Voice


  • Double Gatefold LP vinyl/ CD / Cassette


  • Melodiya CTEPO A 6000439 008


  • 6th March 1989 - Russia/Europe
  • 20th June 1989 - Canada
  • 19th June 1989 - UK
  • 20th June 1989 - USA

This compilation was put together by Greenpeace for funding Greenpeace campaigns.

The name of the album was Breakthrough in Russia, where it was initially released on 3rd March of 1989. The e first ever pop compilation of western artists released in the Soviet Union, it reportedly sold 500,000 copies in Russia on its first day of release. There were five million copies sold in the USSR. The proceeds from the album sales were used to provide the start-up investment to begin a Russian branch of Greenpeace.

Each album contained a 16-page booklet designed to give an overview of the worlds environmental problems.
John, along with other artists went to Moscow for the album launch on March 6, 1989. It was released to long queues of buyers, including over 3000 fans who had queued at the main outlet of Melodiya Records.

The initial pressing was 3 million copies on vinyl and 500,000 copies on double cassette. Several months later, Greenpeace released the album worldwide under a new name, Rainbow Warriors. This new release contained two additional tracks on the vinyl and cassette, and four additional tracks on the CD with the exception of Canada where a fifth track was added.
The album was released on different labels in different parts of the world, Geffen in North America, Mother Records in Ireland, Durium Records in Italy, Sonet records in Scandinavian countries, WEA in New Zealand, CBS in India and BMG / RCA elsewhere in the world. The Rainbow Warrior title refers to a trawler in the service of Greenpeace that had been sunk in 1985. In 1989 the year this compilation was launched, Greenpeace would launch a new boat with the Rainbow Warrior name. A note inside the album explains the name further, A Native American prophecy tells that the peoples of the world will unite as Warriors of the Rainbow, to save the planet from destruction by greed and careless exploitation. The environmental pressure group Greenpeace was inspired by this to call its flagship Rainbow Warrior.

The musicians on this album have donated these recordings to Greenpeace, because they know that the time of the Rainbow Warriors has arrived.