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Lyrics - Age Of Reason


From the day that we were born we've be heading down a track
Sometime it's made for good sometimes for bad
But if we look behind us there's a wave coming down
Carrying us forward to a new age

What about the world around us
how can we fail to see
And now that our fathers have gone
And we've been left to carry on
What about the age of reason

So why can't be still why can't we love each other
Is kindness an ancient skill buried by our blindness
And if we look behind us there's a wind blowing in
To create the age of reason

If we consider carefully the options put before us
So much wisdom so much love so much waiting for us
And if we look ahead there's the sun and the seasons
Another day another age of reason

B. Harrison / D. Stewart / O. Ormo

From the darkness of the ocean
There's a wind that comes your way
When a hurricane is blowing
And there's nothing you can say
The world may turn against you
But life will take its course
Like the storm that pours upon you
And hides none of its force
I wanna hear your name
But you can get no answers
And you feel no pain
And the strangest feeling
It's coming around again
Blowing in like thunder
And it's comin' low
You gotta keep your head down
And take it blow by blow

There's an image in the distance
In the rain that hides the sea
And you strain your eyes to see it
Yet it's coming through to me
It's a face that's fair with beauty
And a heart that's full of praise
But it's fading as the dawn breaks
Now it's vanished in the haze
I wanna hear your name

B.Thomas / J.Stevens

Counting down the days not far away
Take the journey down the side of yesterday
I'll listen to the wind
I'll listen to the wind
And if there's tales I'll learn
I'll listen to the wind
Baby did you ever learn
Oh listen to me won't you now and don't you hide
I said baby if I let you know
Oh it was never said that you'd stay on my mind
You'd stay on my mind

When you're hiding all there is inside
Don't fell uneasy no don't you hide
Nothing ever is the same
Nothing ever is the same
Even though I have come away from you
Oh baby nothing ever seems the same

Baby did you ever learn
Oh this is just a story for the years to say
I said baby and if you want
Oh let's just steal the moment
Oh let's just steal the moment before we have to die
Before, before we have to die

B.Woolley / A. Hill

No need to analyse this kind of emotion
'Cause it comes naturally
A simple case of feeling love and devotion
So tell me tenderly
I want to give my life to you
I want to feel my blood run through you
And oh I want to touch you
Over and over and over again

We got two strong hearts
We stick together like the honey and the bee
You and me
We got two strong hearts
Reaching out forever like a river to the sea
Running free

I feel there's no need for compromising my reputation
When you lead me astray
I'm proud to be a part of this fascination
When I hear you say
I want to be there to guide you
I'm going to feel my love inside you
And oh oh I want to touch you
Over and over and over again


Don't let me slip back under
My motor's running warm
I'm rolling with the thunder
I'm riding out this storm
Burn down the night
Burn down the night
If you can't make it right
Burn down the night

So patiently you guide me
Whispering in the dark
Reach way down deep inside me
Take out the broken part

Another wall comes down in flames
With every match you strike
You've got everything it takes
To burn down the night

Lead me into temptation
Out by the railroad tacks
Show me a new sensation
Don't ever send me back

D Batteau / D.Brown / K.Dukes

I'm searching for the anger
Consider it a gift
Open up that window
Come betray me with a kiss
You have won, if nothing else
Rope enough to hand yourself
What is that to us?
Go beyond the call of love
Beyond the dreams of man
I have seen where glory falls
At the touch of mercy's hand

The truth you would deny me
Lying like a rock
How you gonna wake up
To the one that you forgot
Cover up was your intent
Acting like its accident
Isn't it enough/p>

Someday when hearts grow stronger
I'll know where darkness wandered
But I won't wait much longer.

C.Thompson / A.Qunta

It's the way it is the way things are
The reason we can't do any more
It's such a shame such a fact
Wake up now 'cause everything's gone crazy
In the end there'll be nothing at all
And it breaks me heart
Don't tell me it can't be done
When there's plenty for everyone
We've every reason to put it right
What is this
What is this world doing

Well I can't sleep but I can dream
It's the cover of new time magazine
It's a new idea it's a whole new thing light
A whole New World we're living in
We're using love as a weapon of war
We're gonna fight it out.

C.Thompson / J Lieber / K.Reid

You you light the fire
That just keeps burning on in my heart
You have the one voice
That keeps returning over and over
Magic can be hard to see
Sometimes dreams can vanish far to easily
And the reason's oh so hard to find
You will never ever be

Out of my mind
Or out of my heart
Even though we're apart
You're never away from me
Never out of my mind
Or out of my heart

Sometimes the fire burns
A little close to the heart
Somehow that one voice
Just keeps drifting further and further

Please try and understand
That some things just don't work out
Quite the way we planned
Though we may fall from time to time
You will never be

S.Hague / M.Mueller

When you look at me who do you see
Do opposites distract you
When we choose up sides where the roads divide
Is it me you'll keep coming back to
You place a cautious bet a little late night roulette
It makes your heart beat faster
But when the hour comes will you run
Or decide that it's worth chasing after
You don't have to unless you want to
You don't need to unless you need to
Some do some do some do some don't

When you start alone and end up alone
But between it's hours to play with
Is black or white we're takin' grey tonight
Do you find the one you'll stay with

You try to release it but I'm not sure that
There's any reason to just let your heart decide

>On your way back home will you walk alone
Have you locked up the door behind you
Or take me in and all that I am
I'm here if you should decide to

S Prestwich

When the war is over got to get away
Pack me bags to no place in no time no day
You an di we used each other shoulder
Still so young but somehow so much older
How can I go home and not get blown away
Ain't nobody gonna steal this heart away
Ain't nobody gonna steal this heart away

When the war is over got to start again
Try to hold a trace of what it was back then
You and I we sent each other stories
Just a page I'm lost in all it's glories
How can I go home and not get blown away

You and I had our sights set on something
Hope this doesn't mean our days are numbered
I've got plans for more than a wanted man
All around this chaos and madness
Can't help feelin' nothin' more than sadness
Only choice to face it the best I can

A.Young / M.Young / Bonn Scott

Riding down the highway going to a show
Top in all the byways playing rock 'n' roll
Getting robbed getting stoned getting beat up
Broken bones getting had getting took
I tell you folks it's harder than it looks
It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll
If you think it's easy doing one night stands
Try playing in a rock 'n' roll band
It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll

Hotel motel makes you wanna cry
Lady do the hard sell know the reason why
Getting old getting grey getting ripped off
Underpaid getting sold second hand
That's how it goes playing in a band

It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll
If you wanna be a star of stage 'n' screen
Look out it's rough and mean
It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll


Ever alone and isolated
And deep within the soul
And ever optimistic
That one-day we'll reach the goal
An inner voice keeps pushing
Saying we must do our best
While all the time we know
That we'll be settling for less
But we're no angels
We're no angels
Well things are moving faster
Then we'll ever comprehend
No to some it's a comfort
To have faith that life don't end

Always hoping for a second chance
To fulfil our desires
We go looking for a saviour
When we fall into the fire
But we're no angels
We're no angels
I never said I was an angel
We're no angels

So come on and spread your arms
Like wings on wind
Trying to get up higher
To be a little like an angel
To be like Gabriel
Here's a demon dwelling down below
Darker than us all
Though once he was a pretty angel
Who never though he would fall
So we follow dreams
We seek what's real
Always knowing that we
Will never be

We're no angels
We're no angels
I never claimed to be
An angel
We're no angel

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