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  • July 1998
  • RudkĂžbing, Denmark


  • Age Of Reason
  • Reasons
  • Have A Little Faith
  • Simple Life
  • Everytime You Cry
  • Angels
  • Burn For You
  • A Touch Of Paradise
  • Help
  • Chain Reaction
  • Pressure Down
  • That's Freedom
  • Playing To Win
  • You're The Voice
  • She's so Fine
  • Sorry
  • It's A Long Way To The Top


  • Chong Lim
  • Angus Burchall
  • Lisa Edwards
  • Lindsay Field
  • Brett Garsed
  • Stuart Fraser
  • Steve Williams
  • Joe Creighton


I read in a newspaper in December 1997 that John Farnham was coming to Denmark at the Langelands Festival in July 1998. I was so happy. Finally my biggest dream was coming true. A real live concert with John and not just one of my videos.

Through all those 7 long months I was really looking forward to that concert. And all the waiting was really worth it. It was a great concert. John was in a great mood right throughout the show. He had travelled so far (15.990 km in 25 hours - or 9 hours back in time!) and must have been tired.

He sang to a crowd of about 17.000 people who all semed to have a very good time. They were dancing and singing along with John. John sang so good. I simply can't get enough of his voice. The band was great too. Between the songs John joked with the audience. He sang all the songs that the Europeans like to hear such as - You're the voice - Pressure down - Two strong hearts - Age of reason - Chain reaction - Help - Angels (duet with Lisa) and many more. (The songlist was the same as in London).

He started up with Age of reason and after the song he was yelling out - NO RAIN! I have to tell you that here in Denmark we have had a terrible summer with lots of rain. The concert was out doors and John was obviously expecting that it would rain. But this saturday the weather was really good. Not a cloud in the sky. So of course he was very happy about that. The concert went on for about 1 1/2 hour but I could have listened to him for at least 1 1/2 hour more. But of course it had to come to an end. (I was extremely happy after the concert, because it was better than I could have ever expected.)

But It was not the end for me at all!..........

I was so lucky to win a competition so I could meet John backstage after the concert. When I found out it was me who was going to meet him I was terrified. I couldn't eat and I couldn't think clealy. I was so nervous. I didn't have the courage to ask the fanclub (of which I am a member) for a meeting with John even though it's been a big dream of mine for many years. When I read about the competition - which was arranged by the Club Raffen who arranged the Langelands Festival - both of my children and my husbond said I should try. And I knew myself that I would regret it if I didn't take the chance. I was so sure that I wouldn't win! But I did and it was so great

I had been so terified and nervous but when John stood on stage and sang I was totally calm. Of course he didn't look dangerous at all. It was John as I knew him from my videos and CD's and meeting him in person was an experience of a lifetime. He was so kind and friendly. We talked and we looked at fireworks together and I had a very good time. I had bought a rose for him and for that I got a lovely hug and a kiss on my cheek. I also talked to Glenn Wheatley and he was such a kind man too.

There were photo's taken of John and I and I got his autograph on one of my CD covers. I also told him that I am a member of his fanclub, which seemed to please him. He was also very proud because he had learnt to speak something in Danish. He had learnt to say 'Gammel Dansk' (Old Danish) which is a danish bitter (a strong drink) he had tasted. He said that during the concert and again to me after the show.

He really is a man totally down to earth. The star situation has never reach his head but only his heart. And through the whole meeting the treated me so kindly and I felt we have known each other for years.