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12th October, 2002 - corner of Market & King Edward St, Cohuna
Angus Burchall
Lindsay Field
Lisa Edwards
Stuart Fraser
Steve Williams
Chong Lim
Lex Tier
Bob Coassin
Craig Newman
Chain Reaction
Hearts On Fire
No Ordinary World
That Driving Beat
Trying To Live My Life
Undeniably Real
Man Of The Hour
When I Can't Have You

Everytime You Cry
That's Freedom
Pressure Down
Playing To Win
You're The Voice
The Last Time

As we drove into town we were greeted by huge signs: THANKS JACK and JACK IS BACK.
The town was covered from top to bottom in yellow balloons and ribbons and almost every
window displayed some sort of memorabilia and Farnham music was playing on loud speakers
through the main street. I thought I had arrived in Farnham-ville!

The stage was on the corner of Market & King Edward St, next to the Cohuna Memorial Hall
where on 29th April, 1967, Darryl Sambell had approached John about becoming his manager.
Fans drove from outlying country areas and interstate arriving as early as 6.30 am.

John appeared on stage at 2.15pm and he and the band performed 15 songs, including three
from his latest album, The Last Time, to a crowd of more than 5000 appreciative fans.
After the concert there was a party in the park and the night was capped off with a
performance by Strings Unlimited and a fireworks show.

It was Farnham mania at its best!

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