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John signs with EMI

John is named 'King Of Pop' for the first time
John joins other performers for a national tour titled 'Operation Starlift'

John is named 'King Of Pop' for the second year in succession
(17th) Comic Conversation is released

(3rd) Channel 9 screens 'Johnny Farnham Sings The Shows'
(25th) 'Charlie Girl' premiers at Her Majesty's Theatre
(25th) Johnny reveals in a TV Week article he had nightmares about his role in Charlie Girl
(26th) Channel 9 screens '1971 Night Of Stars - Live Across Australia', a fundraiser to support the Freedom From Hunger Campaign.
John performs songs from Charlie Girl


(6th - 9th) John plays the 'Prodigal Son' at St. Paul's Cathedral in Melbourne
(18th) Rock Me Baby was released
John is named 'King Of Pop' for the fourth year in succession

(8th) 'I Can't Dance To Your Music' is released
John is named 'King Of Pop' for an unprecedented fifth year in succession

(9th) One Minute Every Hour is released

John appears in the television series 'Division 4'. The episode is entitled 'Once Upon A Time' , John played the part of bank robber, Tom.

John tapes introductions for a wildlife series to be shown on the ABC titled 'Survival'

(27th) Robert Farnham is born

(14th) Hearts On Fire video is debuted around the world

'Two Strong Hearts' is released
(29th) Age Of Reason tour begins in Gothenburg, Konserthuset
(30th) Age Of Reason tour moves to Oslo, Rockerfellas
John plays a cameo role in 'Home and Away'

(1st) Richard Marx pauses between songs at his concert in Melbourne and announces to the crowd "If anyone sees a guy called John Farnham around tell him that I think he has one of the best voices I've ever heard and I would love to work with him"
John sings 'Waltzing Matilda' at the last ever VFL Grand Final

'That's Freedom' is released

'Seemed Like A Good Idea (At The Time)' was released

(28th) John performs 'Birthday' and 'Advance Australia Fair' at the AFL Centenary Grand Final
(23rd) 'Jack Of Hearts/ Off The Road' tour kicks off in Toowoomba
'Hearts On Fire' is released

(6th) Live at The Regent Theatre debuts at No7 on the ARIA Charts
(11th) 'Live At The Regent Theatre' is No. 3 on the ARIA Charts
(15th) John performs three songs at a Sydney Olympic Dinner function to mark 12 months before the games
(16th) 'Live At The Regent Theatre' goes platinum after only 1 week in the charts.


(4th) 33 1/3 is No.1 in Australia for the 4th consecutive week.
(7th) Some radio stations refuse to play 'Trying To Live My Life Without You'...public support turns this around.
(11th) John appears on The Games - ABC TV
(12th) Performs the National Anthem at the Super Dome in Sydney.
(15th) Performs 'Dare To Dream' as a duet with Olivia Newton-John at the Opening Ceremony of the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

(3rd - 17th) Live By Demand Tour opens at Sydney's Star City Lyric Theatre
(19th) Live By Demand Tour - Hope Estate (Hunter Valley, NSW)
(25th) Live By Demand Tour - Hobart
(28th - 30th) Live By Demand Tour - Brisbane's Lyric Theatre (continues into October)

(8th) Performs at the ONJ Gala

Comic Conversation 45
TV Week 1973
Home and Away
Thats Freedom
Olympic Dinner
  2000 Olympics